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La Savoureuse

Country cottage to rent in the south of the Loire Valley


Local attractions

Le Petit Pressigny
Le Petit Pressigny :

Small charming country village formerly know as « Pressigny-le-Savoureulx » in the 16th century.


200 metres from the house : "La Promenade"


Prestigious one starred Michelin restaurant, with wonderful local charm.

"Here you will find gourmet delicious food, and a very affordable wine list. Restaurants like this are not widely publicized but are surprisingly consistent, charming, and are part and parcel of French gastronomy.  La Promenade in Le Petit Pressigny, a small sunny Loire Valley village, is located between Tours, Poitiers and Chatellerault" (translated from the extract from the web site:


Reservation strongly recommended in advance.

Restaurant La Promenade - Fabrice Dallais

11 rue du Savoureulx (02 47 94 93 53)


10 kms from the Musée de la préhistoire - Grand Pressigny :


Important area during Prehistoric times, the museum is located in the furthest South Loire Valley Château.  The castle which boasts Middle Age, Renaissance, and contemporary architecture, houses a rich and varied archeological collection from Paleolithic and Bronze age periods.


16 kms from Azay-le-Ferron :

The Château at Azay Le Ferron is considered by the majority of the visitors as a quintessential Loire Valley Château.  It is, however, located in the Brenne region.

Azay Le Ferron is considered to be part of the Preuilly sur Claise area, but is in the far southern corner of the Loire Valley.

16 kms from the superb Brenne Lakes :


The Brenne boasts thousands of small lakes, it is one of the most important wetland areas in France. La Maison du Parc (02 54 28 12 13) is open to one and all, and has lots of information about the area’s activities, which has retained it’s unique natural charm.

17 kms from the Safari Park at La Haute Touche :

This is the biggest safari park in France. More than 1000 animals from 5 continents can be found in spacious enclosures. You can also rent bicycles to enjoy safari Park

21 kms from La Roche Posay :

European capital of thermal dermatology, in an enchanting and welcoming village.

In the centre of La Roche Posay, in 2 ½ acres of land you will find the Casino. It is uniquely decorated with vibrant colours. The casino has a variety of games, a restaurant, theatre productions, and year-round entertainment.

22 kms from Descartes and the René Descartes Museum :

Discover the life and works of one of history’s well-known philosophers. The museum is located in the house he was brought up in by his grandmother, and you will learn about his life and works – the basis of Cartesian Philosophy.

27 Kms from Loches

An exceptional Medieval town in the heart of the Loire Valley.

30 Kms from Angles sur l'Anglin

This village is renowned for its lace making. A small and exquisitely beautiful village, boasting lovely walks along the river l’Anglin. (you can hire a canoe on the l’Anglin).

1hr from Futuroscope

The 1st European theme park

1hr from the Zoo at Beauval

This magical and unforgettable zoo is dedicated in protecting endangered species, and is classed among the 15 best zoos in the world. More than 4600 animals – koalas, okapis, white tigers, white lions, lamantins etc, - in exceptional enclosures.

1hr from one of the most important Loire Valley Châteaux :


Chenonceau Château

This beautiful Loire Valley Château is one of the most visited castles in France, after Versailles.


The Château at Azay le Rideau

This château built on an island in the middle of the River Indre is a quintessential Renaissance period Château.

The Château at Amboise

The Château is an imposing structure overlooking the River Loire. It was a medieval fortress and became a Royal residence under the reign of Charles VIII and then François I. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, this important historic castle possesses an exceptional collection of furniture from Gothic and Renaissance periods.  The Chapel houses Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb after his death in Amboise.

The Château at Villandry

This is last Loire Valley Châteaux to be built during the Renaissance period. It’s sober and elegant architecture along with its remarkable gardens make this one of the most important French monuments to visit.

You will find all this information and more on the following web site :

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